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BNAmericas – Colombia, Argentina and Chile lead Softland’s growth in 2014

    Colombia, Argentina and Chile lead Softland’s growth in 2014

    By Patricia Rey – Thursday, February 19, 2015

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    Software solution company Grupo Softland posted US$35mn in Latin American revenues in 2014, growth of 18% compared with the previous year. The company also added 1,300 new customers in the region, it stated in a press release.

    Colombia, Argentina and Chile led growth for the company, with revenues rising by 63%, 43% and 23%, respectively.

    Softland continues to consolidate its presence in Central America and the Caribbean, where it has offices in Panama, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

    The company’s strategic plans looking forward are to focus on the hybrid cloud, online payments and the impact of social media on customer relations. The firm is still positive about its forecasts for 2015 despite local currencies losing ground against the dollar, drops in commodity prices and decreased foreign investment.

    “Forecasts for 2015 are generally favorable, and in the IT sector in particular, due to the growth in the number of companies, the still significant deficit in investment in comparison with mature markets, and the rate of adoption of new technologies,” read the report.

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