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Our Strategy

rscBased on our commitment to the community, each one of Softland’s affiliates works with Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Such programs allow combined actions among our company, collaborators, customers, the community and the environment, creating a sustainable environment for growth.

Softland defines Corporate Social Responsibility as “The company’s voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns in its commercial operations and relations with others”. That means Softland’s voluntary integration to create a harmonious environment and fulfill the needs of people/groups that are related to the company on a regular basis.

Today, Social Responsibility has become a big challenge for enterprises. An exciting and necessary challenge, demanded by society and by all of our action groups. Softland focuses on real actions with the following stakeholders:

    • collaborators
    • customers
    • suppliers
    • community
    • environment
    • education
    • transparency, values y anti-corruption practices
    • economic sustainability
    • institutional strengthening

Our actions are based on the policies, programs and initiatives of Softland’s stakeholders:

  • Collaborators
  • Community
  • Commercial Partners (customers and suppliers)
  • Environment

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