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Why Softland?


10 reasons to choose Softland products

1.- We speak the same language, we know your needs

Softland is the first Spanish-speaking multinational company offering ERP management software. Every year, Softland Group attracts thousands of new customers by providing them management software solutions for business administration as a way to turn traditional operation processes into automatic processes, maximizing the company’s investments and reducing costs.

2.- We offer local solutions in global markets

We know that companies need management software solutions designed according to the local demands. For this reason, we offer solutions developed locally, and provide local support/assistance services to all of our customers in Latin America.

3.- Your satisfaction is our guarantee

Softland was created under a firm commitment: make life easier to each of our customers, and for that reason everything is focused on the costumer’s satisfaction. More than 120 collaborators are in charge of direct customer service. Our main objective is to contribute with your business, through the advice and training of your staff in the efficient use of management systems.

4.- Your investment is safe through time

We are aware of the constant changes that the companies go through every day in their development and growth. To help you with this, we offer our customers a wide range of products. We give our customers the opportunity to improve their management software and benefit from the permanent efforts of our R&D departments to keep all the software versions updated with the latest technology. We also provide permanent support/assistance service to our customers. With Softland, your investment in technology is safe; you will have permanent access to the latest developments.

5.- We are the proven solution for thousands of customers all over Latin America

We offer a wide range of products to fulfill the needs of new and present customers, who are in process of either change or growth. More than 35,000 companies in 19 Latin American countries start operations every day with Softland ERP management software solutions.

6.- World quality standards

With Softland’s quality management system we guarantee excellence and quality in all of our products. The quality management system helps to implement, maintain and guarantee permanent improvement. The different technology and service areas are certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2000 and the standard 9001-2008, and the development area works under the widely recognized model CMM (Capability Maturity Model).

7.- We offer specific solutions to the industry

We are aware that our customers require specific solutions for those specialized areas of their business. Our vertical solutions include the following sectors: Agricultural Industry, Food Industry, Education, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Construction, Distribution/Marketing, Services, among others.

8.- Internationally recognized

Softland is part of the exclusive worldwide network of Gold Certified partners, and has been certified by Microsoft under the ISV Software Solutions. Such status represents the highest level of competency and experience with Microsoft technologies, which guarantees our customers the highest quality and innovation in our products and services.

9.- We offer our customers the necessary support

Softland’s ERP management solutions are more than just technology: our solutions include a wide variety of specific services for the adequate implementation, operation and optimization of the software. Our experienced certified business consultants will help you with all the support and advice that you may require. In addition, our training courses are designed to fit your needs, maximizing your management software solution.

10.- We have a team full of talent and a unique culture

We are proud of having the best team, working hard to offer the best products and services to our customers. We recruit the local knowledge and experience in the markets where we are established. We are certain of having the best-qualified collaborators working in the development and support of our products, and making the necessary adjustments according to our customers’ needs

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