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Softland Entrepreneurs Award

Softland Entrepreneurs Award

As part of the framework of activities related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), Softland Group launches a social and public initiative to promote the development of the entrepreneurial culture.

Softland Entrepreneurs Award is aimed at all those companies that are within the category of local SMEs, that need to improve their administrative management and whose business idea is innovative within the local market. The selection committee selected by Softland identifies businesses that highlight innovation and creativity factors when answering: Why do you need to make administrative management easier at your business?

Launching The Initiative

In 2012, the Entrepreneurs Award initiative was held at the subsidiaries of Costa Rica and Chile, and the latter was replicated in 2013. In Costa Rica the initiative takes place every 2 years. The future objective of the award is to reach and be launched from all the Group’s subsidiaries in the region.

The prize consists of handling licenses and implementation of Softland ERP business software, training to users for the use of the tool, service for its maintenance and upgrades for a set time period.

What is the Entrepreneurs Award?

In the following video you can learn more about Softland Group’s initiative.

The Entrepreneurs Award in Chile has taken place for three consecutive years: 2012, 2013 and, recently, 2014.

2014 Edition

This award supports entrepreneurships with high growth potential. This year, the chosen projects in Chile were Ceramicobre, Atrapaniebla beer and Locate software, proposals that stand out not only for their creativity but also for their contribution to the health, gastronomic and retail markets.

The contest Best Entrepreneur Initiative 2014 of Softland Chile picked the winners from a total of 118 projects. The chosen ones were Ceramicobre, a company that developed a ceramic product for floors and walls with a copper varnishing that eliminates 100% of bacteria and fungi; Atrapanieblas, the only craft beer in the world made with fog water in the North of Chile; and Locate, a system that allows to locate equipment for sale through the Internet, making operations in the field a lot easier.

The jury was composed of Luis Erazo, General Manager of Softland; Emilio Pellegrini, Businessman; Rolando Santos, CEO of CNN Chile; Libardo Buitrago, International Analyst; and Felipe Bianchi, Journalist, TV and radio Presenter.
This initiative is one of the few Chilean contests promoted by the private sector that, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, support small companies with high potential business ideas.

In this third edition of the award, Softland Chile decided to support three new entrepreneurships with a monetary incentive, as well as with the software management tools for project management. The awards given were US$6000 for the winner, US$2590 for the second place and US$1750 for the third.

Representatives of Ceramicobre, Atrapaniebla beer and Locate software, winners of the award, together with the jury.

2014 Edition

With the support of the Costa Rican Chamber of Industries (CICR) and addressed to SME entrepreneurs, Softland Costa Rica organized the second edition of the Entrepreneurs Award Softland 2014, which acknowledges the creativity and innovation of Costa Rican companies.

During its second edition, seven SMEs members of CICR were nominated to receive the Entrepreneur Success Story award. They were: Konig Sabroso, The Gluten Free Factory, Multiservicios Ecológicos, Exenos, Laita, Jabcoconut Go Green, and Quality Impex.

On Wednesday November the 12th, 2014, the jury chose The Gluten Free Factory in the first place and Konig Sabroso, S.A. in the second. The announcement was made on Wednesday November the 19th, during the award ceremony held at the Real Intercontinental Hotel in Escazú.

Both SMEs won licenses and implementation of the business software Softland ERP, with the Financial, Commercial and Manufacturing Areas, which without a doubt will help them optimize and automate their process management.
The first prize is estimated in US$40 000, while the second is worth US$20 000. The prize also includes training, maintenance and software updates for 1 year, as well as a sculpture made by the Costa Rican artist Hernán Posla. Additionally, the first place received hardware to install the business solution Softland ERP (server-computer).

Representatives of Konig Sabroso, S.A. and The Gluten Free Factory (left to right).

The Gluten Free Factory is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of gluten free products to cater the needs of the celiac population (people who are allergic to gluten, a protein present in wheat, oat, barley and rye) or anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle. With the technical support and permanent research of professionals in the field of food technology, nutrition, pharmacy, quality and biotechnology, The Gluten Free Factory offers innovative gluten-free products that comply with the highest international quality standards.

Konig Sabroso, S.A. is an innovative and pioneer company that develops and manufactures healthy products in Costa Rica. Since its foundation, it produces healthy and functional breads in a wide variety. It is also pioneer in the use of seeds and spices in baked goods. Konig Sabroso, S.A. offers different lines, including dietetic, high fiber, whole wheat and energetic products, as well as cookies and other products for people with celiac disease.
The participating businesses had to meet the following characteristics: 100% national capital, a minimum of six employees and in operations for at least 2 years.

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Experience in Chile

In Chile, the Entrepreneurs Award has taken place in two consecutive years, 2012 and 2013, and recently the call went out for its third edition, to be celebrated this 2014.

Edition 2012

In 2012, 122 cases were presented before a jury comprised of businessmen and executives from Softland Chile and Incuba Innova, form the University of Santiago Chile (Usach). They were responsible for selecting the three initiatives with the higher projection and growth rate.

The first prize consisted of US$6.650 to support the business model development, together with an ERP business software solution valid for 2 years. This was awarded to the company Idescon, for the creation of an industrial “decontaminator” capable of retaining and recycling the pollutants produced in oil, carbon and wood ovens, among others, with a supply capacity of 99,12%, thus reducing pollution.

The second prize went to Mercado Transporte, a web engine that simply connects transporters that offer convenient prices for freight services with e-commerce companies. The third prize was given to Vesat Ingeniería, a company that offers industries a monitoring system that provides real time information about the different production areas. Both prizes consisted of an ERP business solution for 24 months.

Edition 2013

During the second edition in 2013, the jury was composed of Cristián López, Executive Director, Association of Entrepreneurs of Chile; Roberto Fantuzzi, President, Asexma; Libardo Buitrago, journalist and international analyst; Patricio Poblete, Director, NIC Chile; and Luis Alberto Erazo, General Manager, Softland. They analyzed six business ventures and chose the three initiatives with the higher projection and growth rate, under the criteria of innovation and level of development.

The first prize was awarded to the Drinking Water Intelligent Control System of Sociedad Tecnológica La Fontaine, with the development of a water-optimization software for saving and managing the resource. There is no other company in the world with a highly innovative technology that allows to control the different pressure states of drinking water, and that can be monitored, controlled and modified remotely. The prize consisted of US$7.000 to support the development of the business, plus the business software solution for SME’s management, Softland Pyme Gestión.

The second prize went to FSA Agroindustrial and their business venture Arilos de Granada Frulz, which developed a unique technology for automating the production process of 150 gram buckets of pomegranate arils to export to the USA and the United Kingdom. This company was awarded with US$3.000 for supporting their business development, plus the business software solution Softland Pyme Gestión.

Lastly, the company Sinalergia received the third prize for the development of hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite covers, manufactured with a new technology with medical certification. They also received US$3000 and the business software solution Softland Pyme Gestión.

Media News

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