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About Us

We are a team that believes in experience

We have been offering ERP management software solutions for more than 30 years to enterprises in Latin America. Thanks to our long-standing presence and specialization in the world of business management solutions, we have had the possibility to grow and offer the most competitive products in the market.

Our high-quality services, products and support are intended to satisfy the local demands of 35,000 customers in 19 countries of Latin America, who start operations every day with Softland’s ERP management software solutions.

Organizational Philosophy

Our company plays a fundamental role in the development of our customers’ activities, helping to simplify the processes and speed up the decision-making; in sum, providing tangible benefits. In this sense, any kind of enterprise, regardless of its size or sector, will find in Softland the perfect strategic partner.

Accordingly, our products and services incorporate all the functionalities necessary to obtain the best results in the different business areas and to grow based on the needs that may arise.

At Softland we work for providing management software products and services to Latin American companies, regardless of their size or area of expertise. We help them by making their businesses more efficient, competitive and profitable, while generating value for employees, shareholders and society in general.
To be the Spanish-speaking leading company in providing business management solutions and services in Latin America.
Passion. For talent, teamwork, showing care and respect for our environment, for each and every one of our customers and collaborators, with commitment to what we do and how we do it.
Good Judgment. We face the future with confidence, constantly evaluating our impact, measuring and translating our actions into concrete benefits. We think globally and act locally, with integrity in all our actions.
Innovation We understand success lies in our ability to listen, adapt to change, look for differentiation, move forward, foresee the future and be audacious and smart, while developing creativity and continuous research.
Simplicity With our products and services, we are constantly trying to make life easier for our customers, and for our collaborators, with our attitude, communication and trust.
Excellence With proactive attitude, we focus on progress, growth and efficiency. We are agile and proud of our efforts to do the right thing. We are only satisfied when we do things right, always committed to accomplishing every challenge we set, even when it seems unachievable.
Value Proposition: We make it easy

Our company plays a fundamental role in the development of our customers’ activities, helping to simplify the processes and speed up the decision-making; in sum, providing tangible benefits.

“We make it easy” is a commitment to those who trust Softland. It is the answer to their concerns. It means relief, ease and access to our team and to our ERP management solutions. Our work can be done in many ways. We have chosen to make it easy.


We believe in talent
In Softland, human talent is our main asset. Our team includes more than 600 professionals. 100 are exclusively dedicated to research and development of new solutions, and more than 120 provide direct customer service.

We are proud of having the best team, working hard to offer the best products and services to our customers. We recruit the local knowledge and experience in the markets where we are established. We are certain of having the best-qualified collaborators working in the development and support of our products, and making the necessary adjustments according to our customers’ needs.


Thinking globally, working locally

Each one of our affiliates represents a story of success in its own market, a story based on the efforts of a professional staff, and their interest in providing the best customer service.

Softland has established twelve local offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Spain and Dominican Republic, all of them combining actions and exploiting the best practices.


A team that believes in its partners

Softland has the support of partners throughout Latin America, and has a strong professional relationship with each one of them. Our partners have all our support and cooperation for business. In that sense, we have designed specific programs for them, to make them feel a fundamental part of our Group.

Our partners have been certified in different levels for implementing our services and marketing our products.

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